Andre Farms

We’re stewarding natural resources.


Services We Provide


Organic Waste Management

Andre Farms has been composting, developing leading organic waste management systems since 1992.

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Food Waste Composting

Andre Farms began over 25 years ago collecting local municipal yard waste and nearby dairy manure surpluses in developing one of the nation’s leading composting facilities, able to handle yard, ag, animal, and food waste.

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Soil Fertility Management

Topsoil is one of society’s most critical resources, and ensuring yours is optimized for peak performance is what Andre Farms does best.

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Land Forming

Soil fertility can only take a property so far. Without the proper water drainage and retention you won’t be able to sustainably steward your soil, the environment, your community watershed, or the productivity and value of your property.

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Custom Farming

The Andre’s have been farming as far back as the family records go, and throughout that history the one quality that has typified their farm has been their pursuit of the most environmentally conscious and effective methods of crop production.

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Partners We Work With


Agricultural Producers

Every year you work hard to produce a crop or improve your stock, and as input costs continue to climb you innovate and adapt to stay ahead of the game.

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Organic Processors

Food scraps, yard trimmings, animal waste, carbon based and nitrogen based organic byproducts are a fact of life.

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Property Managers

Land is a vital responsibility. Ensuring its health, productivity, sustainability, and improvement is vital to our livelihood, honoring those who’ve come before us, and helping those who will come after. 

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You know how to create and manage landscapes. You understand vegetation, nutrients, irrigation, and staging, but what happens when what the client wants is more than what the property will bear?

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