Andre Farms is..

.. an EPA certified, time tested, family owned business who’s mission is to promote sustainable stewardship systems for custom soil, water, and nutrient solutions and management. See the full mission statement below.

We do business as Andre Farms, Andre Land Forming, and Organic Nutrient Recovery offering organic waste management, composting, nutrient management support, custom farming, and land forming.

Family is where we got our start. In 1959 Norris Andre purchased his first Eversman Land Leveler to improve farm productivity and make better use of the family farm’s tractor. Today sons Paul and Nate still look for ways to steward their resources and help others do the same.

Andre Farms Mission

Our mission is to operate an honest, profitable business for us as owners, our employees, landlords, and suppliers. We plan to uphold our community values with integrity and morals. We are the second generation of earthmoving contractors in the land forming business. We serve customers in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan by:

  • Providing agricultural, commercial and conservation land forming to help clients consistently increase productivity and asset value.
  • Producing quality crops for the consumer, with efficiency and stewardship of the land.
  • Providing superior manure management solutions to livestock and equine facilities.
  • Maintaining a topnotch EPA approved Class 3 compost facility.

We excel in problem solving, always looking at the larger picture. Andre Farms LLC takes advantage of opportunities and innovations in order to maximize profitability and serve our customers resulting in personal growth, quality of life enhancement, and building strong relationships.